5 tips to deal brilliantly with a job interview in tourist entertainment

5 tips to deal brilliantly with a job interview in tourist entertainment

The tourist entertainment has to be taken with professionalism and dedication and preparing yourself in advance to face a brilliant interview in the world of tourism, is the wisest thing to do.

In a job interview for the role of tourist entertainer, what do they ask for? How to become an entertainer in villages, resorts and hotels? Or, why be a tourist entertainer? These are the questions we will try to answer, assuming that, anyway, every job interview is a separate “game” and consequently there is no unquestionable decalogue to follow.

There are some advices that could help you to be noticed in the selections’ process to be part of a tourist anientertainment team, because, who performs the ‘skimming’ usually sees hundreds, thousands of faces: getting prepared for the job interview is definitely an extra weapon.

If you want to work in a tourist facility, you are at the first experience and it is the first time that you propose yourself, here are for you 5 tips for tourist entertainers to deal with a job interview.

1. Be punctual at the job interview

It seems trivial, but it is not. Punctuality will tell the employer how much effort and seriousness you will take on the tasks will be given to you. Being present in the place and at the agreed time for a tourist entertainer in the resorts is essential.

2. Take care of the outfit: your look give the first impression

What could be the right dress code for your job interview, it always depends on the context. Try to be natural and spontaneous, but with a well-groomed look, avoiding to appear visibly tired and approximate. The way a tourist entertainer will look is the basis, to show how much attention you may have for yourself and, therefore, for others.

3. Study the company for which you will have the job interview

The examiner you have in front of you might like to see a candidate prepared on the key points of his or her tourism company, which are the mission, the resorts where the hotels are located, the history and all the other information that can highlight your interest and your ability to get those information. Therefore, study!

4. Use a positive and constructive language

First of all remember that you only have an opportunity to make a good first impression, therefore at the job interview avoid to be critical to your previous colleagues, employers and guests. Articulate clearly and develop carefully the answers to the questions you are asked, avoid as much as possible trivial expressions, stereotypes and superficiality. Try to transform weak points into strengths and face the problems that are exposed to you in a constructive way. Basically, do not ‘be an entertainer’ with the emplyer, who probably has years of experience behind him, or her, and has done it before you.

5. Don’t contradict yourself and do not lie

Remember that at best, if you’ve claimed to be able to do something that you really can not do, you’ll have to learn very quickly how to, or you might even risk losing your job.

Now remember that if it is true that these tips can help you to better deal with a job interview to become a tourist entertainer, it is equally true that you have to pay close attention to who you are facing with.

Who works in tourist entertainment is a professional, who loves what he does and not improvise. He knows exactly what he wants and what he can offer, so you may want to distrusts those who monopolize the conversation and those who are reluctant to provide you information to which you are entitled of.

For this reason, relying on trusted companies, for years in the business and having a clear goal, is the right choice to make a change in your work experience in tourism entertainment and open up happy and unexpected scenarios.

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