5 hiking and trekking trails for your holidays in Abruzzo

5 hiking and trekking trails for your holidays in Abruzzo

The Gran Sasso National Park, the National Park of Abruzzo and the Majella National Park: Abruzzo is the ideal land if you want to enjoy both sunny coastal views and green mountain passes. Going for trekking is only a matter of choice.

If you have booked a holiday at the Club Esse Mediterraneo, but you are an active and adventurous person, then let me tell you that Abruzzo is also the ideal destination for hiking and trekking.

You may want to get up early in the morning, have a good breakfast taking advantage of the resort’s rich buffet and leave for one of these 5 hiking and trekking trails.

Then, in the afternoon, flip flap under your feet and make your way to the spacious beach of the resort to enjoy a bit of sea or a cocktail by the pool.

1. Trekking in the Lecceta Reserve in Torino di Sangro

Percorsi e itinerari di trekking in Abruzzo

It’s about fifty minutes from the resort, this is a path that runs through the wild wood of Torino di Sangro. The itinerary quite challenging, technically speaking, (3.3 miles) is suitable especially for expert and prepared hikers and trekkers.

2. Sirente Ring

Trekking per ammirare colori e profumi in Abruzzo

Just over half an hour from the Club Esse Mediterraneo, this excursion aims to make you discover the colors and scents of the Abruzzo lands. An itinerary of a 10.3 miles (medium difficulty), which can be well adapted to the needs of all hikers, from amateurs to pro.

3. Gole di San Martino

Trekking nel Parco della Majella in Abruzzo

This 13-miles trail takes you to the picturesque Majella National Park, approximately one hour drive from the Club Esse resort. But the trip is worth it, because you will be able to admire very rare landscapes.

4. Ring on the crest of the Scindarella in the Gran Sasso

Trekking nel Gran Sasso in Abruzzo

For those who want to test their hiking and trekking qualities, this 14.06-miles hiking trail is classified as challenging. This could make your after-dip in the swimming pool even more enjoyable than you would expect on your return to the Club Esse Mediterraneo, which from this location of Gran Sasso National Park is 1 hour and a little longer.

5. Departing from Fonte Fredda, near Roccacaramanico

Trekking nel Parco Nazionale della Majella in Abruzzo

We are still on the Majella, for the most complex trekking itinerary among the 5 proposals. A distance of 14.9 miles between important heights, which sometimes exceeds 2000 m in height.

In all these cases, remember to equip yourself with everything you need. In the most-important-things-list, never forget water, something to eat, but above all the GPS, the main tool for not getting lost in the wonderful Abruzzo woods.

Trekking and hiking, for any great and small risks you will encounter in the routes, are very serious activities to take. This does not mean that they can’t be very relaxing experiences for the spirit and able to give great serenity. We always advise you to accompany yourself with an expert guide that will make it even easier to get in touch with the nature of the places you visit.

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